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      Hi. My name is Suzanne and my friends call me BB, short for BirdBiddie. Welcome to my Perch on the Web. Come on in and sit for awhile.

      Of course, my page is about parrots. I wonder if anyone can tell that. ;) I have made it an interactive site where people can come to share stories, happy or sad, and where people might learn from other peoples experiences. Would you like to show off your Fids and Furs to the world or leave a tribute to one who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge? I have the perfect place, my Showcase page.

      I am owned by a Blue&Gold Macaw, Rembrandt, that has Macaw Hypersensitivity Syndrome, a Congo African Grey,Stomper, that is a plucker/chewer, and a Cockatiel, Sammi, that is a chronic egg-layer. Sammi flew to the Rainbow Bridge on 1-13-99 :*( . I also have a Yellow Collared Macaw, Na-Nook, whom I rescued.Na-Nook flew to the Rainbow Bridge on October 21, 2005 :****( He was my special boy. and two Keets, Sassi and Stinker.(also at the Rainbow Bridge now)
      We all reside in the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey. UH HUH, it is beautiful here. We are more than just the Turnpike. Here at the Jersey Shore it is clean, except maybe for the Bennies that come here in the summer and leave a mess. ROFL.....Any fellow Jerseyites know what I mean. hehehe....We have fresh air, fantastic sites to see, waves to surf and many spectactular sunsets. I hope many will come and join me on my perch.

      This page was made with love and a heavy heart. My dear Friend and html teacher Lynn, who forced me to learn html and make this site , passed away. I will always love this fine Lady and I hope I will make her proud..Wherever you are, Lynnie, Here's to ya SB..:))))))
Memories Of Lynn

     September 11,2001 will be a day that lasts in every Americans mind for eternity. Our citizens,and many were from other countries along with Muslims, were brutally murdered. Our country will never be divided no matter how hard others try.
     My heart cries along with the hearts of the families of the victims, as does all Americans. We MUST also remember that most of the Afghanistan people are innocents also. We MUST NOT blindly blame all Islam and Muslims for the acts of others. We, as a nation of freedom and guity until proven innocent will prevail and proove that we can withstand what has happened to us and come out standing tall.

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     I hope that anyone visiting my site will please go and visit Adam's Voice. Adam is the nephew of a dear friend of mine and he was murdered. His cousin, Carrie, has started T.A.G., Teens Against Guns, in hopes of making people become more aware of what can happen... If one person can be saved by just reading Adam's Voice, his family will be honored..

Adam's Voice

My name is Lizzie, I live under the shed in BB'S backyard.:))

She left for better grounds via a neighbor down the street. Seems Lizzie liked his garden, so he trapped her and her babies and took them to a park and let them go. I was quite upset because he never told me until after he took her. I miss her tho. :))

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Thank You for my beautiful flower, Lynn. :))))

Thank You Jean, for my new Spirit Flower. :))

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